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Graphical border of something on the left and right.

Graphical border of something on the left and right.

 Imagine piloting a real plane, commanding a ship, taking surfing lessons or kayaking on the Pacific Ocean, seeing how science and math classes relate to your future, and living at some of the Nation's best colleges. 


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Our certified evidence based academic program to partner with your grant applications & foundations

Reach for Tomorrow consists of two core programs which can be linked together or operated separately. They are a Summer Experiential program and an Academic Program available for students.  {This text needs to be visually improved}.

Grant need an incredible motivating carrot?

Our Summer Experiential Program has been impacting the lives of youth since 1993, often complimenting existing academic year programs as a reward to motivate maximum student effort.  Reach for Tomorrow always welcomes opportunities for additional partnerships with existing academic and after/out of school programs.

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An academic program with real analysis rigor

Our Academic Program is backed by serious data analysis rigor.  We can partner with your program in implementing this proven, evidence based program, to greatly impact your youth while substantially increasing competitiveness for grant applications.

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Summer activities loved by kids, parent endorsed

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to: be at the controls of a plane; sailing a boat or snorkeling with leopard sharks above a kelp bed; surfing in Southern California; living on a college campus for a week with a group of your friends where you might experiment with extracting DNA from cells or building a submarine that you actually get to sail; and learning what your future might be because in each RFT summer program these are a snapshot of the planned activities.

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