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Fort Eustis, Virginia Leadership Reaction Course to build confidence and leadership skills for RFT students


Video 18.mpg– RFT Program Overview- 2004- Washington, DC students at the US
Naval Academy and the outcomes a year later in terms of performance in
school as related by students and administrators. This is the current
video used by RFT to explain the program and its objectives

Video 10.mpg– 1995- USAF Academy -This is the best footage and production
done by a news station, WRC-TV Channel 4, Washington, DC. Weekend
anchor, Wendy Rieger, travels to Colorado Springs and interviews
students and Peter Underwood about the program.

Video 5.mpg– 2000- US Naval Academy- Wendy Rieger from WRC-TV Channel 4 with
Maryland and Virginia RFT students at the Naval Academy

Video 7.mpg– RFT Program Overview- 2002- Produced in Gary Indiana using film
footage from past RFT programs and East Chicago, IN students


Video 1.mpg USAF Academy 1995- Washington, DC public housing students at
USAF Academy- Channel 2 Colorado Springs

Video 2.mpg– United Flight Training Center- 1995- Washington, DC students at
United Airlines Flight Training Center- Channel 7 Denver, Colorado
“Alive at 5” broadcast

Video 3.mpg– United Airlines Flight Training Center- 1995- Washington, DC
students in United Airlines simulators after a week at the USAF Academy-
Channel 7, Denver, CO

Video 4.mpg– Mitre Corporation- Dr. Dennis Rowe, RFT Board Member, with a
group of East Chicago, IN students who spend a week in 2001 at the US
Naval Academy- News Channel 8, Virginia

Video 6.mpg– RFT Students at the University of California San Diego (UCSD)-
KUSI and Rod Luck with Chicago RFT students at UCSD physics lab- 2000

Video 8.mpg– USAF Academy- 1993- Washington, DC youth attend the first RFT
program in Colorado– Channel 5 Colorado Springs, CO

Video 9.mpg– USAF Academy- 1993- Washington, DC students at the Academy with
RFT in the first year- Channel 11 Colorado Springs, CO

Video 11.mpg– USAF Academy production of Washington, DC students at
Behavioral Science labs at the Academy- 1995

Video 12.mpg– US Naval Academy- 1999 Chicago RFT students spend a week at
the Academy piloting planes, sailing ships, attending academic labs, and
attempting the leadership reaction course- Baltimore Channel 2- ABC TV

Video 13.mpg– 1999 Chicago students at the US Naval Academy- Baltimore
Channel 11

Video 14.mpg 2001 Chicago area RFT students live at the US Naval Academy-
Channel 13 WJZ TV Baltimore

Video 15.mpg– 1999 CNN Back to School Special Report- US Naval Academy and
RFT students from Chicago

Video 16.mpg– University of California at San Diego (UCSD)- Chicago RFT
students travel to UCSD to visit NAS North Island, pilot light aircraft
and take ground school, complete physics and chemistry labs, and sail
with the US Navy and Coast Guard. Channel 2 Chicago 2000

Video 17.mpg– UCSD 2000- Chicago RFT students in California. Channel 7/39
San Diego