What RFT Does

“Education is the best provision for old age!

RFT Modules / Programs

  • K-12 Academic Curricula:www.extralearning.org
    • Individualized, online academic support
    • Extra learning compliments local curricula
    • E-books, online testing, CDs and Video lessons provided and available
    • A viable alternative to attending summer school
  • Daily Online Tutoring: www.tutor.com  
    • Live tutor after school, on-line
    • Difficult homework and academic concepts are reviewed with skilled educators
  • Test Taking, Study Skills, Reading Improvement
    • Administered by former USAF Academy Prep School instructor
    • Triple reading speeds within 60 days with 90% comprehension
    • One letter grade improvement (following techniques) is expected
  • Pre-SAT/ACT Training
    • Administered by local teachers trained in the Thompson-Peterson’s “Get Wise” Program
    • 18 hours classroom instruction
  • RFT Summer Programs
    • College Immersion
    • The projected outcome for students is academic excellence and attitude improvement

Mission: To improve the three A’s of Academics – Attitude, Attendance, Achievement – of academics in rising high school youth and to increase the size of the qualified applicant pool for competitive colleges, universities, and professional careers.

The RFT Strategy:

The program targets rising high school freshmen (generally, eighth graders) who have the capacity to excel in school but whose current grades or scholastic achievement do not reflect this potential.

The strategy employed is based on the observation that the pre- and early high school years are critical years in a young person’s life that frequently determine their academic future and life opportunities, but that all too often students who may have been enthusiastic, above average performers in school up to this point lose their interest in school, resulting in poor academic performance which never recovers.

RFT aims to intervene during these critical years to help a student maintain his or her enthusiasm for and momentum towards academic and personal excellence, first by giving the student a first hand look at the interesting and enjoyable opportunities that good grades in high school can open up for them, and then by helping them reach these goals throughout their high school years and into the college or academy application process.

RFT Uses Existing Public and Private Resources to:

RFT Provides Real World Instruction in “High School Relevancy 101”:

RFT Offers Modules / Programs for Further Development:

RFT Helps Students By:

RFT’s Targeted Student Group:

RFT’s Relies on Volunteers:

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