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Reach for Tomorrow Student Criteria

  1. Physically able to travel with a group for one week during the summer on an out of town trip.
  2. C average or better
  3. No excessive tardiness or absences.
  4. Work to develop a resume that will make them a competitive prospect as they apply to Universities and Military Academies.
  5. Prepare to take a SAT preparation class in the 9th grade and the PSAT in the 10th grade. This will best prepare them for the SAT test taken in the 11th grade.
  6. Top 40% on standardized tests
  7. Perform community service (25 hours)
  8. Work with students to enter after school jobs or summer internships that parallel future career goals
  9. Take pre-trip, post trip, and midyear evaluations
  10. Pass an interview with RFT
  11. No behavior issues