2007 -  US Naval Academy and UCSD (San Diego)

2006 RFT Week
at the US Naval Academy

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Science of Learning Center comes to UC San Diego

Reach For Tomorrow has been working with Dr. Gary Cottrell and his nearly 1.5 year long bid for this National Science Foundation grant to study how people learn. For the past two years while at UCSD our middle and high school students have attended labs designed by Gary and his staff in artificial intelligence. For the duration of this grant RFT will receive sufficient funds to cover the costs of nearly 80 participants in our UCSD program who will become a part of the study group.

We look forward to being a part of this project that will revolutionize
the way people learn.

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Reach for Tomorrow is featured in an article in the Progress Index. Following is an excerpt. "The school system is considering a partnership with Reach for Tomorrow, a national nonprofit organization that's core focus is on the three A's  attitude, attendance and achievement"



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Reach For Tomorrow Awarded a 21st Century Community Learning Center grant by Department of Education for 2005-2010

On November 18, 2005 the District of Columbia Office of Federal Grants Programs awarded Reach For Tomorrow, Inc. a 5 year grant commencing in 2005 and ending in 2010 to create an after school academic enrichment opportunity for students. Up to 150 7th-9th graders will be enrolled in the RFT Extralearning Online program (Extralearning), an Internet based math and literacy program developed by the Remediation and Training Institute (RTI) of nearby Alexandria, VA ( www.extralearning.org ).

RFT's strategy revolves around its successful summer college immersion programs where students will travel from their neighborhoods to live for a week during the summer on a campus. While on campus students will live in dorms; attend science and engineering labs taught by college professors and staff; pilot light aircraft to experience the thrill of flying a plane and to understand its correlation between algebra one, chemistry, physics, and physiology; visit federal installations for a hands on opportunity to use the finest hardware available and to meet the people who operate and repair the ships and planes for the military and DHS; and return home with the motivation and the understanding necessary to complete their secondary education.

This program can be established in any community in the nation as a cost effective strategy to enable local teachers. parents, and concerned individuals to make a difference within their schools. RFT is a 13 year old 501C(3) nonprofit impacting more than 4,000 students and adults in the DC, East Chicago, and Chicago metro areas.

2005 Order of the Eagle

The first recipients of the Flight department Order of the Eagle were honored this past week with a luncheon at the C.R. Smith Museum. In addition to the recipients, Senior Vice President Bob Reding, Captain Mark Hettermann, and several members of Flight department management were in attendance.

The "Order of the Eagle" is the Flight department's most prestigious award. It's open to Flight department personnel and recognizes individuals who demonstrate excellence through either heroic action or lifetime achievement. Employees are nominated by their managers. Among the recipients of the 2005 award was Captain Peter Underwood. Presented in recognition of his selfless dedication to others through the creation of the Reach for Tomorrow program. This program has allowed "at-risk" children to see possibilities outside of their own world and possibly changed the very course of their lives.

Washington: Dennis Rowe recognized

Dr. Dennis Rowe receives his Volunteer of the Year certificate from Kathleen Seefeldt, a longtime member and former chair of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors. During the summer, Rowe leads groups of students from Prince William County high schools and middle schools in an academic and vocational enrichment program. This week-long program,Reach for Tomorrow (RFT), is designed to motivate students about their future. Click Here to read the entire article.

Reach For Tomorrow a Collaboration

In collaboration with Extralearning.org/Tutor.com, Reach For Tomorrow, Inc. will incorporate a web based, academic complement into the existing state standards for K-12 curricula, in combination with daily online live tutoring available to each participant for the entire academic year, and in the summer for Gear Up students in Alaska, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. This complement is through the Remediation Training Institute of Alexandria, Virginia, a 20 year old program initially developed under a Ford Foundation grant. For the past 20 years the Alternative Schools Network (ASN) in Chicago, IL as well as the Aurora, Colorado school system have made this Extra learning program the core basis of its curriculum. It is currently available at www.extralearning.org.

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