Reach For Tomorrow - San Diego 2004

Our Story

Our founder created RFT after countless interviews with 11th and 12th graders over 20 years who wanted to enter the USAF Academy. Too often these students waited until 11th grade before applying themselves in the classroom as well as in their community. The central core of RFT is to expose 7th-10th graders to the "why" of creating a resume as they start their high school careers which includes strong academic achievement. This strategy enables students to meet the statement, "You can't do it until you've done it", with a variety of hands on experiences  justifying their time in the classroom, the athletic fields, and in the community.

Reach For Tomorrow - About Us

Our Dream

To improve the 3 A's of education- Attitude, Attendance, and Achievement- in rising high school youth in order to increase the size of the qualified applicant pool for college and jobs and to become good American citizens

Collaborate as a partner with existing youth oriented organizations including schools, nonprofits, and community groups by adding value to their existing programs.